Treat: Rental: Portable Bone Healing Focus Ultrasound

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If your physician says that the xray displays a 'non-union' or slow healing fracture site, this safe and painless, home treatment may increase your healing by 85% over normal time. Stress fractures, elbow epicondylitis; like tennis or golfer's elbow, and specific joint sprains respond well because of the proximity of the pain site to bone. This portable, low intensity ultrasound unit promotes the healing of bone fractures with no contraindications; but please ask about precautions regarding certain medications and/or medical conditions. This professional unit will provide an excellent adjunct to the initial, physiotherapy treatment included in this price.

This physiotherapy fee can be claimed on most company benefit plans or private insurance. This $250.00 per 30 day rental ($89/day if under 1 week) unit does require the rental agreement and deposit ($250) to be added to your service purchase.

Compared to other providers in Downtown Winnipeg; the average treatment cost is $90.25 plus the rental cost.

Not trying to re-invent the proverbial wheel; but I include this video from youTube and fdfac