Treat: Rental: EMS Electrical NeuroMuscular Stimulator

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Are you coming out of a cast, active boot, splint or post surgery; the inactivity of a fracture, severe joint sprain, muscle tear or minor/major surgery can cause significant muscle wasting, and atrophy. In accordance with your physician, and the injury protocols of such injuries; we look to accelerate your return to normal movement, function and activity with the active assistance of this home-use device. You shall be instructed on how to setup, and use this portable neuromuscular stim to improve circulation, muscle contraction in exercise and pain reduction. This professional unit will provide an excellent adjunct to the initial, physiotherapy treatment (5 visits) included in this price. This physiotherapy fee can be claimed on most company benefit plans or private insurance. This 30 day rental unit does require the rental agreement and deposit ($250) to be added to your service purchase.

Compared to other providers in Downtown Winnipeg; the average treatment cost is $80.25 plus the rental cost.

Not trying to re-invent the proverbial wheel; but I include this video from youTube and MeddFaxx