HIP / KNEE Balance Strengthening with Professional Physiotherapy session for Golf, Tennis, even Gardening in Winnipeg

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25 years later, I'm still consistently asked,

'What is the best, cheapest, piece of exercise equipment to use at home, at work or even as a warmup before activity?'

for the 'HIP / KNEE' myofascial system, the muscles and connective fascia that stabilize the hip, knee, pelvis, into the lower back; it is the Thera-Band Exercise Band system.

This system is comprised of latex tubing used for resistive exercise - providing both concentric and eccentric force on the muscle; remember the muscle contracts, it shortens, but it also lengthens and works even harder on the way back. 

You shall be custom fitted by the physiotherapist and your band system shall be ready for you upon your training session.

You shall receive specific training based on your current physical condition, your exercise experience and any past injury history.

All HIP / KNEE exercises shall be progressive over time. You should never feel overwhelmed by an exercise program; 'homework' is required, but according to your schedule and ability. Only a professional Physiotherapist has the training and experience to guide you through this program; taking into account cardiorespiratory factors, past medical history and mental health. If necessary, we shall consult with your physician before beginning any specific exercise program.

Your HIP / KNEE exercise plan shall begin with your training session, and the progressive, weekly exercises will be delivered to your email address, with any questions, answered free of charge.

Make some calls, comparison shop; I don't think you'll find any fitness training deal like this in Winnipeg. The average cost of Physiotherapy treatment in Downtown Winnipeg is $90.25 (2018 survey), with some as high as $120!

The $89 fee includes:

  • your custom fitted Thera-Band Band System
  • your Physiotherapy Training Session
  • your weekly HIP / KNEE Exercise Plan (12 weeks)
Check your private insurance and company benefit plans, some percentage or 100% of this fee may be covered. You do not require a Doctor's note to see a Physiotherapist in Manitoba.