Classic Travel Physio Foam Roll

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Classic Travel Physio Foam Roll, this 12-18" foam roll will fit in your carry-on baggage or the average athletic bag. We do offer physiotherapy instruction in specific rolling techniques, and treatment efficacy for your injury/condition. Our 2016 Physiotherapy rates are $72 on the Initial Assessment, and $62 for any Subsequent Treatment. If purchased, I do recommend that you start easily, with guided, lite pressure; you may even use ice after the rolling session. Always consult your Physio or Healthcare practitioner before using and to avoid use if soreness continues for few hours after using. Please consult our Terms and Conditions before purchasing any product listed.

Limited to one per customer or as availability dictates; seller reserves the right to cancel any purchase.

USA or International addresses/purchasers will be responsible for any extra shipping or customs required.

Compared to other providers in Downtown Winnipeg; the average treatment cost is $80.25 plus the purchase and/or rental cost.

Not trying to re-invent the proverbial wheel; but I include these videos from youTube, tptherapy and runtastic fitness.

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