Assess: Rental: Posture Medic Dynamic brace and (1) Physiotherapy Assessment

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If you sit at a computer for a living, watch a lot of television at home or even drive significant hours each day: you are aware and concerned about your posture, and that chronic, ache pain that returns each time. We propose you use this 'reminder' device, with exercise to develop better posture. It is available in specific sizes and strength for your condition. This professional unit will provide an excellent adjunct to the initial, physiotherapy assessment and onsite ergonomic introduction included in this price. This physiotherapy fee can be claimed on most company benefit plans or private insurance. This 30 day rental unit does require the rental agreement and deposit ($250) to be added to your service purchase.

Compared to other providers in Downtown Winnipeg; the average treatment cost is $90 plus the rental cost.

Not trying to re-invent the proverbial wheel; but I include this video from youTube and PostureMedic