Assess: Rental: Portable Cryotherapy Cooler and (1) Physiotherapy Assessment

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Are you that 'weekend athlete', golf low back pain, baseball rotator cuff shoulder strain, indoor soccer knee or ankle sprain, tennis elbow...upon your first assessment of the sports injury, we shall recommend the use of a home, portable 'cryotherapy' unit for easy Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation therapy. This professional unit will provide an excellent adjunct to the initial, physiotherapy treatment (4 visits) included in this price. This physiotherapy fee can be claimed on most company benefit plans or private insurance. This rental unit does require the rental agreement and deposit ($250) to be added to your service purchase. This is a 30 day rental.

Compared to other providers in Downtown Winnipeg; the average treatment cost is $90 plus the rental cost.

Not trying to re-invent the proverbial wheel; but I include this video from youTube and Shop Orthopedics;