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We provide 24hr Emergency ONLINE Contact via iPhone FaceTime or appropriate Video-Call Software for:

ACUTE care; for that 'weekend warrior', injured during a sporting event without sports medicine coverage, in pain after gardening or snow shovelling at the cottage or those that require basic first aid or taping consultation.

EXERCISE planning; for those that require specific, post surgical or return-to-activity exercise planning to get back to their normal activities of daily life, possibly functional training training specific to a sport or task or even onsite, as you exercise, personal technique education.

ERGONOMIC education; for those that want individual, immediate ergonomic solutions when the pain arises, an appropriate task evaluation at that given moment can provide tremendous, immediate insight into the cause n effect of your biomechanics at work, rest and play!


If you are in the majority and use an Apple iPhone with FACETIME capability; I can provide immediate and appropriate, education services to get you through the day, until you can see your healthcare provider. You will have to allow yourPhysio to take live photos via Facetime (adapt your Facetime settings; to allow 'live photos').

In the NEXT 15-30 minutes...You will be charged this upfront fee, please read and sign the attached consent form then send it (scan, picture) via text or email; the appropriate receipt will follow for private insurance or company benefit use. Please check your insurance for your plan specific coverage, for example Manitoba Blue Cross usually covers 80%

You may purchase via credit card (using shop cart), or paypal (using submit button) or arrange for interac email (possibly significantly quicker turnaround). This is the online etransfer with online banking; you do need to register my email (, use your surname as the security question and you may be charged a fee by your financial institution.

Please remember you are only limited by internet connection, the fee and consent forms must be received before contact is initiated and there is no time restriction on this service.