Onsite Ergonomic Assessment

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Ergonomics, how you perform a task at work, and the interaction of your physical biomechanics and the task equipment, environment and organization.

Since 1991, we have been Winnipeg’s ergonomic resource, performing thousands of onsite, ergonomic assessments for individuals, departments and companies. I shall provide an extensive list of past, and current clients upon request. These companies take pride, and responsibility for the safety and health of their employees.

As a Physiotherapist, I use, promote and innovate 'participatory ergonomics'; action oriented, with immediate results in productivity.

I am one of the only healthcare practitioners in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario with experience in ergonomics, physiotherapy, education and engineering, I can provide a comprehensive, service solution to your health and safety requirements. Beware of that 'weekend course' assessor...

Behavioural, Engineering and Organizational factors will be evaluated to provide recommendations for ergonomic design at your office, plant, lab, vehicle, etc. If you require approval for such an assessment, please do not hesitate to have your Supervisor or Human Resource Representative contact us to review all details, schedule, and qualifications .

We evaluate each workstation as client specific; how that individual interacts with his or her tools, tasks, environment and make recommendations based on any physical injury, disability or return-to-work scenario.

As a Physiotherapist; previous treatment is reviewed and work, home and activity prep exercises are prescribed, along with reviewing any current treatment plan.

Our fee is charged per hour and a Narrative Report shall be provided to the Buyer or Company representative as required (additional fee). The quoted fee is for Winnipeg City locations only, travel (within North America) will be quoted separately.