Winnipeg's Ergonomic Resource

Get more from your Company Benefit Program or Private Insurance

Physiotherapy Winnipeg

Get more from your Company Benefit Program or Private Insurance

We make every effort to accommodate your busy Downtown schedule;

with next day services (, lunch and after-work appointments.


We practically guarantee your appointment time ! ...imagine no waiting ...

there is actually, no "waiting room"

talk immediately to a Physiotherapist

204- 9 4 3 8 4 1 1

or on MOBILE? text 204- 2 9 1 8 4 1 2


our Easy Connect Online Services

Create or sign into your subscription account to maintain access to our Online Services,

which include:

exercise prescription specific to your injury rehab

ergonomic details to get you back to work and play asap

personal physician notes or requests for further testing

and home-based options for rehab followup




* We've been Winnipeg's ergonomic resource since 1991,

as we have provided onsite ergonomic assessments

and education programs to companies of 2 to 4000;

with our clinical facility following in 1993.

We use the most effective treatment and therapies available,

 * We bill directly to most company benefit programs

and private insurance.


Check with your benefit program to insure coverage

and whether a doctor’s note is required for that extended health coverage.

Physiotherapy assessment, treatment and rental, home-use equipment can be purchased via credit card also.